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The Blissful Silence

From "Minds of Blue Souls of Gold" by Michael Levy, © 1998

In the silence of my thoughtless mind,
I leave the pettiness of condition behind,
I feel the exaltation of God's kiss,
I truly am in a wondrous divine bliss.

In my peaceful harmony I am immersed,
floating weightless throughout the universe,
I feel the comfort of a glowing ember,
in a timeless world, an ecstasy to remember.

One on one, God as God in a field of gold,
an endless flowing stream, never feeling old,
worth more than all the treasure can bestow,
I rise up in an everlasting eternal glow.

In this state of mind, beauty is all I find,
this is the Cosmos gift for all man kind,
it's time to light the torch, don't be frightened,
in Silent Meditation, you will be enlightened.

The Informer
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